HeadshotHello, I’m Tatiana. I’m passionate about food and it’s incredible ability to either heal or sicken us. In the case of the latter I’m not just talking about junk and processed foods – but also many healthy foods. I believe we all have unique physiologic design and therefore our nutritional needs are also unique.

With that said, I don’t believe in dieting as a means to lose or manage weight. Time and again multitude of scientific studies have proven that 99.5% of people who attempted dieting had regained their weight back, and then some more. In a state of food deprivation and restriction our body eventually fights back and overrides our best intentions and willpower. You did not fail your diet, the diet failed you!

Eating intuitively and honoring your hunger and fullness, listening to what your body asks for – not just with regards to food, but exercise and rest among other needs – are the core principles of living happily and in tune with your body. Recognizing the mind and body connection is necessary to achieve wellness and a healthy relationship with food.

Nutrition and healthy living have always been my passion and bobby, and  a few years ago I decided to mend it into a career – to be able to help people achieve their health goals by dietary and lifestyle intervention. I graduated from the University of Miami with Master of Science in Nutrition for Health and Human Performance. I’m a nutritionist and I like to educate people on how to personalize their diet.